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News Synergy, brought to media companies by Weather Central, Adpay and LAKANA, is the industry’s leading mobile app that distributes locally branded content to mobile devices. The complete mobile distribution solution utilizes a locally branded interface to distribute news, weather, sports, politics, entertainment, classifieds, photos, videos and more to the Apple iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Google Android mobile digital devices.

News Synergy leads the industry in innovation by being the first to offer media companies integrated interactive weather radar, integrated and searchable classifieds, locally owned developer accounts and more. Media companies will also find all of the most popular mobile features and functionality in News Synergy, including user generated content, geo-located advertising and weather, a locally controlled News Synergy Admin, complete monetization, and sharing by email, text message, Facebook® and Twitter™.

With News Synergy mobile apps, media companies have more opportunities to extend their brands, reach consumers and generate highly targeted revenue anytime, anywhere.

News Synergy News on Apple iPhone, iPad, and Google Android Locally Branded & Locally Controlled

News Synergy takes the very best of media companies' on-air, online and print coverage, and wraps it into a superior mobile experience for consumers. Leveraging local content, media companies simply access the News Synergy Admin to set up and locally control their mobile app with company logos, local content feeds, navigation, customized product descriptions and more, maintaining consistency across all local products. The on-demand ability to change content anytime, anywhere makes app updates for rebranding and the addition of new content categories simple and easy.

We are so confident media companies will value the News Synergy experience, we offer locally branded developer accounts to extend local branding and provide local control of app store accounts for audience portability. With locally controlled store accounts, media companies have the flexibility to transition to a new app – not that you will want or need to with News Synergy.

Industry-first Content

Weather Central Interactive Radar
Weather Central integrates its high-resolution radar, clouds, Futurecast content, a Microsoft® Bing™ map and interactive capabilities such as pan, scroll and zoom down to the street level to provide the most engaging radar experience available on mobile devices.

Smoothview™ technology keeps the radar focused at any zoom level, ensuring that consumers are presented with an accurate, hyperlocal radar presentation. Weather Central Interactive Radar is geo-located to ensure consumers view relevant weather radar at home and on-the-go.

Adpay Classifieds
Unlike other mobile devices, News Synergy exclusively integrates Adpay classifieds in the app. All classified listing categories, such as Garage Sales, Open Houses, Auto and Services, are keyword searchable and immediately accessible to on-the-go consumers. Classified listings can include maps and turn-by-turn driving directions to ensure consumers easily find a path to the advertiser's door. Advertisers can even order and place classified listings from their mobile device in real time. News Synergy adds value to your classifieds through exposure to a highly engaged mobile audience.

News Synergy Classifieds on Apple iPod touch
Adpay Classifieds Map and Directions Consumer Engagement

Polls and Contests
News Synergy engages consumers with industry-first polls and contests that are integrated in the app. Media companies can employ text-2-win, text-2-vote, text-4-info and text-2-broadcast campaigns to engage consumers, develop and build loyalty programs and generate sponsorship revenue.

Automated and push alerts can be employed to deliver content to consumers, such as breaking news, school closings, severe weather, traffic delays and more. Media companies can also use alerts to notify consumers of live streaming audio and video events, keeping them in-the-know while they are on-the-go.

In a few simple taps, mobile consumers can share content with family and friends by email, text message or notify the masses in Facebook and Twitter, extending media company brand and distribution worldwide.

Complete Monetization

Geo-located Advertising
All News Synergy apps employ geo-located advertising, enabling media companies and their advertisers to target ads down to a one-half kilometer radius. Whether consumers are at home, on vacation or traveling for work, they will find ads and offers for products and services in their areas.

Locally Sold or National Backfill
All ad positions on News Synergy can be sold locally, or filled nationally for automatic revenue, including high-CPM revenue with Apple iAds. In addition, sponsorship can be sold for the entire app or by category.

Ad Serving Metrics
Selling mobile advertising is difficult without comprehensive metrics. News Synergy offers the most comprehensive mobile advertising analytics available in the industry. Yield management, geo-targeting, day parting, and industry-first forecasting and pacing target ads to run when and where advertisers want them to appear, eliminating the guesswork.

Standalone Apps
While most local media companies offer News Synergy as an all-inclusive news and weather app, standalone apps are available for events such as fairs and festivals, content verticals such as high school sports and weather only, as well as to distribute local coupons, discounts and deals with News Synergy Deals. Whether your local media company needs an all-in-one or standalone app, News Synergy delivers.

News Synergy News on Apple iPad
Weather Central Interactive Radar Native Device Support

News Synergy supports the most popular mobile devices, including Apple® iPhone®, iPod touch®, iPad® and Google™ Android™. All News Synergy apps are native, meaning there is no need for consumers to stretch apps for viewing. Media companies appreciate native apps because most app changes are dynamic, meaning they do not require resubmission to the Apple App Store℠ or Android Market™.