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News Synergy Deals, brought to local media companies by Adpay and LAKANA, is the industry’s first geo-fenced mobile app that delivers local coupons, discounts and deals to Apple iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Google Android mobile digital devices.

Patent-pending geo-fencing technology by LAKANA enables local media companies and their advertisers to target coupons, discounts and deals by geographic regions and categories. Local media companies define geographic regions and categories based upon retail and population density. Three coupons, discounts or deals are displayed on each screen by region and category to generate even greater revenue for premium positions.

News Synergy Deals is offered as a standalone app or it can be integrated in a News Synergy news, weather or event app, making it easy for local media companies to select the implementation that best supports their mobile and sales strategies – all while exceeding the needs of advertisers and consumers. Start capturing mobile deals revenue with News Synergy Deals today!

News Synergy Deals Locally Branded & Locally Controlled

News Synergy Deals mobile apps are submitted under the local media company’s developer accounts in the Apple App StoreSM and Android Market, making it easy for the local media company to manage the app and control consumer communication. All apps are branded with the local media company logo only for increased brand extension.

The local media company leverages the News Synergy Deals Admin to set up, customize and control the app. The local media company can either manage all advertisers’ apps or provide advertisers account access to upload, manage and measure their ads directly in the News Synergy Deals Admin. With account access from the local media company, advertisers can easily view reports by date range, date mode, mobile platform, category and deal with grouping options.

Patent-Pending Technology

News Synergy Deals employs patent-pending technology that enables local media companies to geo-fence coupons, discounts and deals by neighborhood, population density and market wide. Categories and subcategories are defined and controlled by the local media company, making it easy to target any business type at any time for increased revenue and consumer engagement. Local media companies can also offer day parting to local restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner specials or change the deal after reaching maximum exposure.

News Synergy Deals Easy Management

News Synergy Deals lists coupons, discounts and deals that are available to consumers based on their selected locations. With no credit card transaction required, management is a breeze. Coupons, discounts and deals are offered by local businesses that consumers can easily show in-store to redeem, providing an environmentally friendly solution to printing and clipping.

To reach nearly all mobile consumers, News Synergy Deals includes mobile websites optimized for the latest HTML5-enabled browsers as well as widgets to offer coupons, discounts and deals on primary websites. Unlike competing systems that require local media companies to relinquish consumer contact lists to build a third party’s database, News Synergy Deals clients control and grow their consumer contact lists through app downloads for maximum impact and value.

News Synergy Deals Mobile Monitization

The mobile monetization opportunities with News Synergy Deals are virtually limitless. Local media companies in small markets that offer three deals per category, six categories and 10 sellable regions at $3.00 per day generate $197,100 in annual gross revenue. Local media companies in large markets could generate $1.3 million in annual gross revenue with three deals per category, six categories and 40 sellable regions. Want even greater revenue? Simply add more regions and categories to reach full revenue potential with News Synergy Deals.

Want to learn more about News Synergy? Contact us for a customized demo and needs analysis today!

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